custom branded private label wholesale candles

Get Retail Ready Candles in Weeks!

Drive revenue with 50-70% margins

Easy to Get Started

We offer low minimums, complimentary label design and fast turnaround, so you can start selling your candles!

Fully Customizable

Choose candle vessels, packaging and scents that align with your brand's style and aesthetic.

Premium Quality

Luxe quality candles made with soy wax, cotton wicks and cleaner fragrances for a premium burn.

Why spend a huge upfront investment on wholesale candles and wait months for them to arrive when you don’t have to? How many sales are you losing because your candles aren't restocked fast enough? Long lead times and large order requirements may be costing your business more time and money than you think.

Affordable Pricing

Our competitive wholesale prices offer 50-70% margin, creating a profitable revenue stream for your brand.


Exceptional Quality

Luxury candles made with soy wax, cotton wicks and cleaner burning fragrances for a high-end aesthetic and premium performance.


Custom Order

Choose from a variety of custom vessels, packaging, scent creation and branded labels or vessel printing.


We understand your need for creative customizations that match your brand, while maintaining low minimums and quick turnaround times. At ROAM Candles we work with you to create a custom collection that aligns with your brand, budget and timeline. 


love these candles!

These candles smell amazing and burn well. It was very easy to choose scents, choose vessel type, color, and label of your choice. (for private label)

Janice G.
Best smelling candles and excellent service!

We love our private label candle line! The scents are very unique, have great throw and they burn very clean. Our customers love them!

Sheri R.

I am extremely happy with the product and I will be repurchasing very soon!

Marconi R.
Perfect Holiday Gift

It was an absolute joy working with Melody at Roam. She designed beautiful candles for our firm to gift our clients for the holidays. Everyone loves them! Thank you!

Lauren L.

Roam knocks it out of te park each and every time. Their seasonal candles are our shop's top seller. Love this shop.


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Select your candle collection, scents and branding elements.


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