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in 2018, ROAM Homegrown was born from a journey of self-discovery and connection within ourselves, our family, and the beautiful places we visited as during our year of travel across North America.

Memories are distinct recollections of small moments in time. If we could capture every moment of that journey we would (well... except the time we almost got arrested at the Canadian border, or the time Sam knocked the side mirror off the RV, or the time we left the water running while we went to an amusement park and flooded our coach...). But most of them!

Instead, we’ve chosen a select few of our favorite moments from our travels, captured them in our unique scents and fragrances, and poured luxe candles full of nostalgia, joy, and familiarity.

Our luxe soy candle collections are inspired by the wonder and delight of our journey, allowing those authentic experiences to shine through with each candle you light.

Melody & Sam

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