how to create my own branded private label candles

The Private Label Candle Process

Brand Your Signature Candle Collection

Create a luxe private label candle line that aligns with your brand's quality and aesthetic.

ROAM Homegrown partners with hundreds of spas, resorts, retailers and brands to create quality private label candle collections in just a few easy steps.

how to create my own branded private label candles

About Private Label

Private labeling allow you to brand an existing line of products at wholesale prices, to be merchandised and sold at retail prices, by you.

Private label is ideal for brands that want to create an additional product line or revenue stream without investing in manufacturing or developing the product in-house.

  • Brand Customization

    Create a unique and distinctive product that reflects your brand identity.

  • Exclusivity

    Sell a product that isn’t available anywhere else.

  • Increased Profit Margin

    Control branding and pricing to align with your target market.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Bring your brand into intimate spaces to foster a connection with your customers.

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Let's Get Started!

ROAM Homegrown works with hundreds of partners to create luxe private label candles.

We make it easier than ever to create a private label candle collection!

  • Order + Design Online

    Simply upload your logo and browse through out preset templates to create a luxe private label candle in minutes!

  • Low Minimums

    We offer low minimums and quick turnaround times. Start with just 36 candles and choose up to six scents to meet that minimum.

  • Increase Your Profit Margins

    ROAM Homegrown offers luxury candles at accessible price points, offering you more margin to boost profits on every sale!

  • Quality Products

    Our luxe candles are crafted in Austin, Texas with soy wax and high-end fragrance blends for luxury collections free from many of the toxins found in commercial candles.

Create Your Private Label Candle Collection

Get retail-ready luxury candles with your custom labels in just a couple weeks!

Questions about private label candles?