Private Label Showcase

  • Events

    We worked with an event planning company to create a bright, vibrant label for Be Bold events.

  • Home & Gift

    We created a minimalist aesthetic to align with Beljar Home Stores.

  • Spas

    We worked with Well & Being to create a candle featuring their mantra.

  • Camargo Trading

    We created a series of labels for Camargo to align with their brand colors and logos.

  • Local Styles

    We worked with a home and gift shop to create a candle focused on their iconic downtown.

  • Resorts

    We created a custom design label for a destination lodge in a series of scenic scents.

  • Boutiques

    We created a collection of candles for The Fly boutique in an array of scents and sizes.

  • Holiday Gifts

    We worked with a local florist to create candles for a holiday event.

  • Small Batch Crafted

    We expertly pour our candles in Austin, Texas and offer our in-house design and print services complimentary. All labels are printed on locally sourced linen finished paper.